Warranty terms for “3 years” ballasts"

od maja 2014 godine firma hyluxtek

daje garanciju na svoje balaste 3 godine

1. Negative operation ballasts can slow down the speed of migration for the Sodium in bulbs.

    a. Extend the lamps’ life for over three years.

    b. Lower the decline of color temperature for the bulbs. 。

 negative operation ballasts’ advantages for bulbs, please refer to below links to Philips driver UBA2030T about                                  negative advantage :



2.  a.Efficiency of our ballasts was improved from original 83% to 88%. 

     b. The T case temperatures lowed down from original 90 ℃ to 70 ℃ after   the ballasts was  

         put into sealed white box for two hours with light on. (the data bases on A2088 model)

3. After re-design for PCBA by our Germany R&D team, with expensive and good quality for 

     key components. Hylux hid ballasts were greatly improved the stability & smoothness of

     the system and prolong the lifespan. 

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