10 EMC CanBus Ballasts with AI Scout System
The most advanced HID system currently on the market 
The most advanced HID system to date being equipped with an Artificial Intelligence Scout System and Decoder (A.I.S.S)
Features of the NEW A10 Smart Ballast over the competition:
Ballast input monitoring to adjust the ballast parameters around the supply voltage and current output of the automobile
Fully controlled variable output voltage to the bulb (68v-102v) controlled by the (A.I.S.S) AI scout system
Artificial Intelligence Scout System (A.I.S.S) monitors all incoming metrics and fully adjusts its internal parameters via the XPU processor to adapt to the most advanced vehicle “canbus” systems
With this smart monitoring in place these ballasts run at 99.5% efficiency (vs 82%-89% with the competition)
Bulb monitoring to allow the detection of faulty bulb (AI indicator light will blink) and with the Scout data collection it can flash for a warning before the bulb even fails.
“Auto Re-strike” to ensure both bulbs ignite by having up to 3 strike attempts if the bulb does not light
Ballast is capable of handling and executing C programming language similar to a computer processor
As with most ballasts being DSP controlled, or ASIC controlled and now the A10 being XPU processor controlled similar to a computer or smartphone!!
True 47 power output, equipped with full current monitoring on the input side to keep you OEM wiring and computer safe from overcurrent.
Compatibility rate of over 99% all thanks to the most advanced AI decoder ever built into an aftermarket setup
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